Author: hyuumaru

Storytime: Alice

Alice’s day had been too long to be enjoyable, she was almost giddy for it to be over and for sleep to bring in a new one, but also too tired to be able to show any excitement over it…

Storytime – Eeyore

Eeyore was sad. It was raining outside, making his favorite sound on the roof of his work building. He hated it. Rain was Eeyore’s favorite thing growing up in Texas, after a bad day at school, he would just stuff

Storytime – Hercules (caution, bad… not quite nsfw)

Outline: 1. deliver cinnamon rolls 2. the talk 3. getting closer (ugh) 4. the fight 5. ??? FIRST DRAFT: 1. deliver cinnamon rolls It was a normal day for Hercules, work was 8 hours of talking to boring people about their boring

Storytime – Piper

Axel finally put together the courage to ask her out, he didn’t need a date, but he definitely wanted to have a friend to hang out with on demand, and he was finally out of debt after so long. “Piper,

Revision: Summary

Malcolm Silva Professor Holly Guile English 1010 – 077 12 December 2014   Revision Summary: Problematizing, Reflection/Welcome, Exploratory Research While revising these 3 papers, my goal was to apply what I had learned throughout the semester, primarily with who my

Revision: Exploratory Research

I am a 6’4’’ Afro-American male, and my life experiences have led to an interest in how that may be affecting me, and if this effect is positive or negative, and if there was any reason for it. Among my

Revision: Problematizing: Little Red

I was raised in Brazil, and being realistic, racial profiling exists everywhere, regardless of how common a race may be. But small things do change. Some jokes need to be harsher in Brazil to become relevant. While here a single

Revision: Reflection/Welcome

Revision: Reflection/Welcome Books have been a part of most of my life; I guess my own life is just too boring to get by. Once I was able to pick up a book and read it for myself, I started

Speaker Evaluation #2 – Public Speaking class

Soaring Pyramids, Flying Kites   For my second speaker evaluation, I ended up having time to go to a speech on actual campus; I took the day off of work, and got to campus in time to watch a very

Hist 1700: Rough Draft – Value of Native Americans in European American Warfare

The Native Americans were of absolute importance to whichever side they joined during the colonial and post-revolutionary America. The indigenous people assisted in teaching the European American how to fight with hit and run tactics, more suitable to the American