Speaker Evaluation #2 – Public Speaking class

Soaring Pyramids, Flying Kites


For my second speaker evaluation, I ended up having time to go to a speech on actual campus; I took the day off of work, and got to campus in time to watch a very interesting speech my Maureen Clemmons. Maureen is a doctor that has caused a bit of a stir in the way we look at Egyptian history, being the person who developed a theory that the Ancient Egyptians used wind power to build their pyramids, by tying kites to the stones and using the wind to pull them into place, as well as local naturally spherical rocks to get rid of the friction.

The speaker is without a doubt an intellectual, she knows her content thoroughly well, heck, she was the one who discovered it and wrote it. But she may not be able to level with her audience too well, she uses a lot of jargon, and perhaps I was not the intended audience, but I still felt left out of a few things, she mentioned some tools that were left unexplained throughout the speech, and was even asked what they were, and gave a description that felt a bit off topic, spiking my curiosity and not satisfying it.

She was clearly comfortable with her subject and due to that able to speak openly about it, not hiding behind anything, as she appeared to have full subject dominance, having no trouble with the content spoke on. However, there was the issue of not being able to communicate that properly to me at least, through the speech, and any questions throughout.

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