Storytime: Alice

Alice’s day had been too long to be enjoyable, she was almost giddy for it to be over and for sleep to bring in a new one, but also too tired to be able to show any excitement over it… The excitement was all hers, entirely pure, no energy for it to corrupt itself, no energy to share it with anyone else, not that anyone else lived with her anyway.

She got out of her half-ass “I’m an adult” shower, put on shorts that were too short for comfort, and a shirt that would never see the light of day again, too ready for the leaf to turn to give a damn if she looked retarded or not.

She laid down, every light off or interrupted before it could get anywhere near her, turning the leaf will never feel as good as she wanted it to feel this night, nothing would interrupt a peaceful untouched night of sleep in a pitch black perfect nothingness.

Her pillow was soft, never smothering and it new the way she liked it, her blanket was slightly thinner than what would make up for her air conditioner being on, just enough for it to stay a little cold. One of her hands was under her pillow, while her legs and other arm were wrapped around her body pillow, she never felt right without one, she felt too low, too easy to be forgotten.

There was no time for her mind to dilly-dally before bed, only enough for her to say a mental good-bye to this day, and start a new one in the best way possible. She was ready for fantasy to take over, she didn’t need drugs, booze or anything else, just the blissful readiness of a mind so tired she would soar to the highest of highs.

Sleep engulfed Alice almost immediately, she didn’t even notice it, it wasn’t there, then all of the sudden she was engulfed in it’s fantastic hearth. Her mind was perfectly in sync with sleep. She new this reality could only come from the world of dreams, and there was nothing really that could compare to it in the other realities she’s been to.

She new most people didn’t quite understand what she thought about dreams, they weren’t a mystery, they weren’t delusions, they weren’t fake, especially not fake, no. She understood what others meant as it being “not real” but others didn’t seem to understand her when she said it just wasn’t the same reality, but also wasn’t an alternate reality by any means… It was a hard concept to explain, there wasn’t any way to prove it to them, only to experience it personally.

Tonight’s world was dark, and raining… perfection.

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