Storytime – Piper

Axel finally put together the courage to ask her out, he didn’t need a date, but he definitely wanted to have a friend to hang out with on demand, and he was finally out of debt after so long.

“Piper, are you doing anything anything tonight? I am finally out of debt and want to go see a movie, but going alone is creepy, so it would be better with a friend.” – His text said.

The reply came soon to keep him out of his misery: “I actually have a ballroom concert at school tonight, but if you want to come see it instead of a movie you should! But you would still be creepily alone, sorry.”

A let down, but his anxiety had prepared him for a lot worse, a no without reason, or being ignored entirely. He loved that she always kept things from getting awkward, he should learn from her.

Knowing It was silly, he tried to not be interested too easily: “Hmmm, I might… Where?”

Quick again, for Axel’s peace of mind.

“It’s at the school at 7:30 so come if you want”

It was decided, he was going, not that he’d say that thoough, his anxiety already took his mind too every other place and he forgot about even trying to reply, his mind was already at the concert, imagining outcomes one cheesier than the others.

He had to have a movie that his family invited him to delayed to the next day. But that was fine, priorities were priorities, and he needed to work on having a support group outside of his family.