wood. wood can he hard or soft, it can be white, brown or red oe black. it may flex or not, it can even be used as a case of sorts for magical things... a unicoen tail string, dragon heart string, phoenix feather, minotaur horn powder and similar. keep in mind they always need to be matched to either support and empower the magic core within or to weaken and tame it.

wood is grounding, homey, it should always feel right and natural (pun noy intended). no one cab really claim to feel out of place when near wood, we feel connected to it and so it should be, what we dont know however, is that besides just making us feel more alive, wood actually used to be alive. atheists may say "why yes, it is alive, it is a living organism that requires food and lets out its own excrement!" but this is nit what i am talking about, no... i am referring to real life, willingness to progress and intelligence enough to compete with some of us even, youd think a tree couldnt ve much intelligent, but see, they wouls live for hundreds or even thousands of years. I am referring to none other than the Ents.

Ents are slow beings (yes, weve just gone back millennia), few humans actually have the patiwnce to even understand a single word beong said as that alone could take a few minutes, the longest word in the Ent language, hereout called Entimology, is jelly, and spelling out its pronounciation would take far too many pages, as it can take up to 34 minutes just to pronounce it, reading may take even longer.

Ents have social classes, similar to those of humans, fruit bearing Ents are our farmers, white wood Ents are our upper class, oaks are on their own as the wise old geezers, bamboo are semi-ents and are the warriors, often incapable of even developing the language due to their short lifetime.

Also like our currebt society, you have the rebels... The Celts revierred Oaks because they would often leak secrets from the gods, just before the end of the days of st. bridget, though the old geezers thought thenselves wiser and more stable, they were not above the adoration of the druids and finding themselves in favor of leaking information of the netherworld for their own benefit. The most notable of these was named Colob, who gave his 13 tgousand year old self in protection of thw grove where st bridget resided. Thinga like this would only make the old geezers even more strict with their rules as far as interacting with other species who were as babies when compared to the age and strength of a great oak, or even as any oak that achieved adulthood.

over time the ents learned that the new pink thingsbthat appeared more and more throughout the land, sometines faster than word xould spread of their arrival, were using the sleeping ents, or sometimes others, to build their dwellings, or even their weapons. this was outrageous, ents were peaceful beings... overall... and their own equivalent of bone that may have taken longer than the kifespan of these pinks things to grow was being used to rage war, which seenibgly unnoticed caused more loss to the ents than it did to thhe pinklings.

some few were selected by the ents to be able to communicate eith themñ these were called druids and priestesses, and due to the favor they managed to gain from the ents, and from there the favor they gained from the heavens they were revierred among the pinklings... but pinklings were foolish beings and sometimes for pride and seaeching for something as useless as rock, because it shined... foolish indeed, the gods and their chosen species do not shine, they were simple, akin to the earth they were on.